Freedom Ministries or Chofesh Ministries is a ministry of restoration, and a heart for souls, "to the Jew first and then to the Gentile" Romans 1:16. We live in challenging and exciting times. The world needs a witness of a Godly generation filled with joy and power. This is more important than ever before, given the changes in our country and world. 

When most focus on darker times, we teach about grand opportunities to reach a lost soul. When most see doom and gloom, we see a chance to bring cheer to a discouraged individual: the sick healed, the oppressed freed, the hungry fed, and the naked clothed. 

We uphold the whole gospel of Yeshua and His sacrifice through Love and signs and wonders.We honor the Apostolic and Prophetic streams flowing powerfully today. Chofesh, Freedom ministries is a work undergirded by the presence and glory of God. 

What is the Difference Between Freedom Ministries

and Metro Jewish Resources?


Until Jeremiah's prophesy is realized, and in furtherance of that fulfillment, Chofesh Ministries works in tandem with Metro Jewish Resources in bringing Jewish people to the knowledge of Jesus the Messiah ("Yeshua HaMashiach" in Hebrew),


Chofesh Ministries is called to share the Good News of the life and death of Jesus with Jews and non-Jews, all who seek the truth of God. Both ministries share the same goal: to see the Jeremiah prophesy a reality and work together where their joint efforts bless their work.