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Navigating the Storms


With all of the difficulties and challenges facing God's people in our times, many find themselves contending for the faith as never before, and finding themselves alone on the rock as the storms rages. But a  growing number of people that I term, 'Patriots for the Kingdom" and my Father’s House are being revealed. We are fighting against this world's vices daily, and shedding any messaging and behavior against such things as Love, Hope, Kindness, and Gentleness; attributes of the fruit of the Spirit. Most important, attributes and characteristics of our Lord. We seek nothing less than to offset the demonic pivot influencing so many.  


As Patriots, we obstruct the natural current of our times, which is essential if we want to join in this ancient struggle that has raged between two kingdoms’. If you want to join this battle, I invite you to read on. 


When Yeshua called Peter the rock in Matthew 10:2, He also said that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church. Meaning it would not prevail against us! Yet, in Second Timothy chapter three, Paul states that a dramatic change will come to the House of our Father, as many of His children will change in the latter days.  One enduring principle however gives us hope;  It is called Self-Inspection. 

  • “Let a man prove himself, and in this way, let him eat of the bread and drink of the cup" (I Corinthians. 11:28).”

  •  Test yourselves whether you are in the faith; prove yourselves" (2 Corinthians. 13:5).” Examine your ways" (Haggai. 1:5, 7.) “Who can discern his errors?" No one can know (Psalm 19:12.) 

   The aforementioned “examine your ways “is a holy quest. You see, when such a journey begins, God’s people tend to rise against the spirit of the age, both in their personal lives and within the House that our Father built. The people see what is wrong, and they determine to do what is right. 

Discovering Paul's Words 

Discovering Paul’s intent in his words to Timothy prompts us to stop and offer a moment to consider. Paul spoke of the disintegration of the family, and make no mistake; it is taking place in our time; “people having a form of godliness but no power.” How tragic this is! How incredibly aware we should be of its impact on the House that our Father built. It should press upon us strongly.


 I was  prompted to think of the oldest declaration in Judaism: The Shema, which is found in Deuteronomy 6:4 and states: “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, The Lord is one.” This ancient address caused Israel's entire nation to stop and incline their ear to what was about to be said. Though the Shema is unsurpassed in its declaration of God's oneness, Paul’s message demands our attention in the context of the condition of the family of God today. He has similar messages of end-time importance throughout the Gospels. 

     In 1st Peter 1:13, it states: “Wherefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.” In verse three of the same chapter, believers are told that they need a multiplication of peace, “peace be multiplied to you.” This instruction for “peace to be multiplied” is found only here. Frequently, Paul speaks in such a latter-day context. He tells the Corinthian Church that they lack no spiritual gift. Eagerly await the Lord’s return, remain stable, because they have everything they need.  


   Paul stated it perfectly, whose words resemble any father advising his son who is about to leave the safety of home and enter the world; “Whatever is true; whatever is noble; whatever is right; whatever is pure; whatever is lovely; whatever is admirable; if anything is praiseworthy—think about such thing.”(Philippians 4: 8-9.) Together, let's discover the meaning of L’chaim (to life), and learn what it means again to live as the people of God as seen through our Father’s diminishing virtues and principles.  



the storms

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