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     Consider at Sinai how things were shaken and removed from Israel in its infancy? Polytheism, which was injected into Israelite culture from Egypt, prevented Israel from forming into a single nation under one God - Adonai. God shook the nation of Israel, forcing them to turn from the influences of worshipping multiple gods; they had to see that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was The One and Only True God! Things that could not be shaken rose and remained firm, such as God's unity and the unbreakable covenant Jehovah has with Israel. Also, unabashed love and devotion to Hashem proved that no persecution or long-term exposure to Egypt's gods could remove from the heart and people of Israel the Only Truth! So it is today!


    For these reasons, God allows the shaking and removal of barriers to The Truth at different times in history. We are presently in one! This has taken place at all times and places to reveal what, at times, is obscured by different cultures and times. God makes it is evident; nothing less than the devotion of His people shall prevail! Hence, we can never forget that intervening sovereignty is always over the people of God.


    For this reason, in the last days, shaking will increase with greater intensity and severity. In the end, the truth will always prevail. Common to history, nations, and individuals, we advance only through struggle and commotion; peace and quietness often bring stagnation and spiritual decay. But at the end of turmoil, truth and righteousness will prevail over falsehood and wrongdoing. This is a certainty that is repeated throughout history.


     So take a moment and ask yourself these poignant questions: Where do you stand in this pivotal time? Do not be taken in by surprise during such times as today, and those that come your way, or by the growing darkness over the earth. The earth and its inhabitants are being prepared for a new era! God is shaking loose those things that have obscured His Kingdom,  His Power, and principles of the One True God!