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The following is a brief account of the facts that took place following the prophetic word released by Sid Roth. Some have sought understanding in the aftermath of the prophetic word, so we have afforded the following to prevent any confusion or question the veracity of Sid Roth’s reporting, as well as the nature of the prophetic word itself. It is also to protect the seriousness of prophecy and maintain its integrity in its outworking of the Holy Spirit.

In early November of 2019, the Lord revealed what is to occur at the start of 2020 when I was brought into the 3rd heaven. I saw the continents of the earth being shaken. At first, the Lord said that I am releasing a season of fear, quaking, and panic. America would be hit particularly hard. I then saw a large blanket covering the land, and upon the blanket was a sea. I then saw a hand lift a corner of the blanket that threw the sea up, and everything was shaken and confused. I saw a large net cast over the earth filled with fish. At the onset, I was uncertain of the nature of the shaking and quaking. I myself was shaken to my core and had to leave the 3rd heaven because I could not absorb any more within my being.


First, I considered earthquakes occurring at the start of the year on the continents of the earth simultaneously and what this would look like; all was happening simultaneously. But I was uncertain, so I held this word and continued to pray. Then at the start of the year, the Lord made it clear that the shaking, quaking, and season of fear was being released through the current coronavirus. Indeed, the world is quaking and filled with fear. The net filled, represented untold millions that would come to faith and be saved. The Lord impressed upon me that President Trump can stop it and mitigate its effects in its tracks, if President Trump will take specific actions.  I faithfully submitted a letter directly to the White House on March 7, and shortly after received confirmation of the White House receiving it.


I also felt that it should be sent to the greater prophetic community for analysis and confirmation. I submitted to Sid Roth and leaders in the Prophetic community in Israel. Sid promptly released the word on his national platform. Others felt it was important for President Trump to receive it and then forwarded the word also to their contacts within President Trump's advisors' spiritual counsel.What follows is the details of President Trump's steps from two communique, one originating in the United States, and others likely from Israel, then to President Trump's spiritual council of advisors. Highlighted are four points that were included in the body of these two prophetic words. 

1. "During this growing panic and fear, and economic turbulence, God says, "call a National Day of Prayer." This will not cause alarm, but relief and assurance— call for a National Day of Prayer for God to protect "your" people," Mr. President

2. Recall, God has given you the role of a national steward and protector of the people of America. As you call for a National Day of Prayer and invoke the name and power of God, the anointing of heaven will be released, and the same power that caused your ascent to the office  will stop the Covid-19 in its tracks.

3. "Only you" President Trump, have the authority and persuasion before God, not the Vice President or any other representative or advisor, political or spiritual.  God is giving you your greatest gift yet. One of the greatest modern miracles of our time as countries witness the miracle."

4. "As you call for a National Day of Prayer, you will invoke the name and power of God while releasing the anointing of heaven that came with your ascent to the office. Ask God to protect our country and its people openly and boldly."The call of the National Day of Prayer must take place on National TV for the whole world to see what God can do through a leader who invokes the Lord's Name.

  • In summation. The National Day of Prayer was to be called on the National stage and platform, as was the National Emergency Declaration. I believe that God wanted it to testify not only to the whole nation, but it was to testify to the world. No doubt this was a high bar. One might ask, why? Perhaps, to whom much given much is required. Consider the following two points.

  • A. No President in our modern times has been so resolved to protect Israel. No President has used the office's power to declare Jerusalem, the beloved city of our God the capital of Israel, and no President chose to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He did this despite a sea of critics and undaunted by the backlash of the global community. This invokes the power of Genesis 12:3; Those that bless the Jew will be blessed, and those that curse the Jew will be cursed."

  • B. President Trump has revived the legal bench with morality and spiritual justice. He has gone to great lengths to place pro-life judges on the court that will preserve God's heart for the unborn long after his departure.

  • C. President Trump has surrounded himself with a counsel of Evangelical leaders as no other in history. He is reported to have accepted the Lord and has many leaders pray over him, and the nation has seen Him in prayer with Evangelical leaders. Clearly, he has given deference to their counsel, the Word of God, and responded in kind to the extent of understanding that he has.

  • Although President Trump chose, or was advised, to use a different medium, and an intermediary, and not himself, millions responded in prayer. For this measure, we are thankful and continue to intercede for the nation. I myself remain in the breach for this nation. I am reminding God and recalling to His attention of the extraordinary measures that President Trump has taken, as noted above. Unlike the book of Ezekiel in chapter 22:30, where He found no one to stand in the breach, there are many. I myself stand in the breach and chose to remain in prayer and fasting for twelve days following the National Day of Prayer, March 15.


Let's continue to labor for a miracle. Let us join together

as spiritual midwives to see our deliverance birth out of the spiritual womb of God's people. Settle for nothing less than a miracle!!!

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