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The year of the lion's roar: A new order of the spirit

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In the morning of Saturday the 21st, I looked down upon the earth. Pleasant things I beheld with my eyes. I saw deserts spring up with green leafy trees; Many in deserts were being fed with gold raindrops falling from heaven and landing on the lips of His people.


I saw God binding up the brokenhearted, and their wounds from the scorpion plague, and set many captives free who were no longer tormented. Spiritual former prisoners were declaring liberty as the Holy Spirit endued many with new power.


I saw a sword arise over the land as I saw a glory cloud hovering that was rolling and carrying new empowerment of the Spirit. I wept as I heard God say; tell the people the long nights will soon come to an end, and the day will soon be upon you! I will remove the grave clothes, and no longer will your heads hang low, and your shoulders pressed. FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM IS COMING TO YOU! 




In 5782 I saw a new season coming when people will again hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, as former confining boundaries, and former obstacles, like religion, tradition, institutionalism, that wore smooth the kingdom, are moving away making room again for new kingdom boundaries and paradigms. A new boldness will be the order of the day as seen in a Lion's Roar!


  • In this new year, space in people's lives will be available again for new directions and paradigms,  because governmental and religious ruling structures continue to undergo a great change; the old fall continues to move away further as many of these structures subverted the kingdom government. During this time the voice of the Shepherd will be heard again by many who have lost the sound of His voice; they will be in tune with it, and a breakthrough is coming.   


  • Those that have felt that God has forgotten them will feel His Presence again. It will be a time to put the key back into the ignition of their spiritual lives, as many leave the crude season of the Covid behind, and head for the next new intersection in God’s plan for their lives. Following the turmoil of the last 26 months, ( the perceived duration of the Covid from January 2020) refuge will be found in 5782.


  • God is drawing His children back to the shelter of the Most High, the Shadow of the Almighty. This is the separation of the Chet, 8. It is a time of the cleansing of the SOUL!  


God has seen the unsustainability of many of His children, so a season of new strength and fervor, as well as a healing of the soul of His people, is coming. A new order of the Spirit will emerge for many!   The Bet, 2, (the House of God in the hearts of God's people) will undergo an inner and personal revival, as well as fresh new prophetic voices, will emerge.


  • I saw new priests standing upon many mountain peaks blowing their shofars. But many will need to let go of past (relationships, past associations, former comforts) in order to make room for their voices. Previous divisions that were created by the Covid, (separation of family and God’s people) will see the birth of restored relationships, the healing beginning of lost loved ones,  as God does a new thing. 


  • People will finally be ready to be free of many former trappings which will enable them to more fully obey Jesus' voice as it will have afresh call on many; many will again gather to the Lord in the unity of the Holy Spirit. This is a new order of the Spirit!  A fresh roar of the Lion of Judah!


  • As we head into a Shemitah year, I see restored relationships being revived as many will find forgiveness for one another of past and outstanding trespasses. Also, as the land of Israel was to rest and desist from the hard labor of cultivating fields in bible times; ministry workers will find grace and provision that will mitigate the past-hard-labor-years.


  •  Servants of the Lord will take a breather due to His grace, thereby, focusing on higher more spiritual pursuits. This will give a new opportunity to find a new season of fulfillment, and again, this is a  new order of the Spirit!



MORE ON 5782


  • In 5782, there will be an intensified presence of God’s grace as His glory presence is felt. The (5 Hey) will be a perfected or intensified grace ( bolstered this year by the  7, Zayin) —A season of His mercy will be poured out.


  • I saw the gospel of the Kingdom of God advances. Greater empowerment, ( 7-Zayin) will come through and by the people of God. Former mantels that fell to the dust will be picked up.

  • Callings of God that people have been waiting for will arise. I saw a sword and the spirit rise as a standard in the land as a kingdom army rises characterized by servanthood, and humility.  This will be the time that we enter into a new order—This is a new and fresh order of the Spirit! The year of the Lion's Roar!


  • For some, the journey to the new beginnings of 5782, follows previously closed doors, and desert wanderings. But as the roaring 20’s followed the Spanish Flu, which took 24 months,  a spiritual roaring 20’s will follow; a new order of the Spirit in many! Many will find exuberance and joy in the work of God.

  • Previous divisions that were created by the Covid, (separation of family and God’s people) will see the birth of restored relationships, and the healing beginning of lost loved ones, as God does a new thing.


  • Since we are presently in the early Spring rain (spiritually speaking), from now until the spring of 5782, a latter rain will begin whereby the Glory of God will come upon God’s people, as the brightness of His glory shines the light of the Gospel in this Shemtah year. 





As we approach this shemittah year in  5782, a prophetic glimpse unfolds.  

  1. 5, is the letter Hey and means grace and revelation.

  2. 7 Is the letter Zayin and is seen as a weapon (the sword of the spirit).

  3. 8, is the letter, Chet, and is used in the word for life, Chaim, meaning true life. Chet also connotes a fence, as being separated as indwelling in the shelter and under the shadow of God separated from the world.

  4. 2 is the letter Bet, which means house ( Abba’s House). 

  5. 22 is the combined sum of 5782: (The Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters). It points to being united; oneness, union, community; together, unitedly; alike, equally; all, all as one. 5782 from the early spring rain will begin to bring unity of the spirit and move the community of God's people more together. 


Putting it together from left to right.

We are entering a year of intensified grace (5 bolstered by 7 Zayin) and God is separating his people (8 Chet) restoring and building up the House of God 2 ( Bet).


God’s house, (2 Bet) will experience new living streams and greater separation from the world (8 Chet), as God releases an increased season of grace and revelation, (5-Hey). The number 7 builds up 5 this year to shower down like rain, increased grace and glory, for the new order of the Spirit and the year of the Lion's Roar!


                                 ACTIONS AND PRAYER POINTS:


1. Begin declaring broken relationships healed and begin praying for the person or persons.

2. Begin to ask the Lord for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

3. As we approach winter get in sync with the season and get ready for the latter rain in the Spring of 5782.

4. From now until the later rain, March /April begin Heavens Soul cleanse to get ready for your healing and productivity during the latter rain.

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