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                                   METRO JEWISH RESOURCES

             Short Bio – Sal Miliziano 




Sal was born in the Bronx section of New York City in 1943. When he was 10, he and his family moved to Linden, NJ where he grew up and graduated from its high school in 1961. A few weeks after graduation, he went to Spain to become a bullfighter. (A Long story – he will be happy to send his testimony to anyone who would like to have it).    When he returned home from Spain in 1964 he met the girl of his dreams, Carole Ann Lovero, at the Assemblies of God youth camp in Malaga, NJ. Two years later, they were married and Sal, working full-time, began his college career by taking evening classes at St. Peters and Rutgers Universities. After one year of marriage, he received a draft notice from Uncle Sam.


   Vietnam was in full swing then, and when Sal went to check out his options, the recruiter gave him some tests to take and he must have done well because that same day he was told about the urgent need for helicopter pilots. Excitedly, he enrolled in the Army’s Warrant Officer Helicopter Training program in 1968. After flight school he served one year as a pilot for A Company 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion of the 1stCavalry Division, at Lai Khe, VietNam.      


    Returning home to his Beloved America, Sal, Carole and their 3-year-old son (Guy) moved to Omaha, Nebraska where Sal finished his college education under the “Army Bootstrap Program” at the University there.  Before graduation, he was hired by Proctor & Gamble Food Division as a sales representative.  However, he and Carole decided not to stay in Nebraska as it was too far from their families and friends, so they returned home to NJ.    


     From 1973 to 1989 he worked as a food sales representative and district trainer for two major U.S. companies and a large food brokerage firm out of Long Island. Easy jobs, but in spite of the benefits of company cars and all the dented food cans that his family and his friends could possibly eat, he was tired of the low wages and very long hours. He decided to go into business for himself.    By the Grace of God, in 1989 he discovered Chick-fil-A and spent 32 wonderful years of joy, blessings and benefits working with its legendary owners, The Truett Cathy Family, who continue to inspire all of their employees (and the world) with their Corporate Purpose: “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all He has entrusted to us, and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A”. On December 31st of 2021 Sal retired from what he considers “The Greatest Food Company & Business in the World”.  


                                                                 His Vision

       On the sliding glass door of his office at home (overlooking his “Garden of Eden”) hangs a small piece of paper. On that piece of paper are these words: “The Cry of ALL the Lost Souls in hell . . .  after it is Too Late - NO-ONE REALLY CARED FOR MY SOUL!”  This little quote, from an unknown author, has impacted Sal’s life tremendously, because when Sal left bullfighting in 1964, he sincerely believed that God would soon be calling on him to become a missionary to Spain, but that calling to Spain never happened.

       In 2012, Sal fulfilled a long-awaited dream trip and visited Israel. He was 70 and thinking of retirement.  A year later, during a sermon by Rev. Paul Jackson, (his pastor) he heard the words “God used, and is Still using, insignificant people like Moses (a shy stutterer); Mary (an uneducated virgin); Samson (a long haired womanizer) and Joseph (the youngest and least important son of Jacob and Rachel) to bring the message of salvation (The Holy Bible) into the world. It was during that service that God called Sal into Jewish Evangelism. In 2013 he was introduced to and partnered with Rabbi Felix Halpern who is the founder of Metro Jewish Resources. ALSO, By the Grace of God, the ministry is flourishing greatly. [Please Check it out on our website:]

       Sal is presently in the midst of completing his autobiography “PROVIDENCE DISCOVERED” which will hopefully be published soon. He and Carole recently returned from a 15-day sight-seeing trip to the Magnificent National Monuments in seven of our beautiful Midwest states. One evening, as he watched a beautiful sunset in the middle of John Wayne’s beloved Monument Valley, all he could think of was this song: “IT IS NO SECRET WHAT GOD CAN DO”- by Stuart Hamblen.


       SO, in closing, it would bring him tremendous joy if he knew that the reader of this short Bio would GOOGLE – “The Story of IT IS NO SECRET (Stewart and John Wayne)” and would listen to Stewart as he sings it.

For His Service: Sal and Carol 









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