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 As Yeshua Jesus was born into a Jewish family,  He taught  in the synagogues and speaking to the crowds of people who followed wherever He went. He preached about the kingdom of God, repentance, and love for all people. The Bible tells how He healed the sick wherever He went and performed many other miracles.

    It is impossible to read the Bible stories about Yeshua without getting a sense of the intensity and passion of His teachings. He spoke with great authority on spiritual matters, often leaving his detractors tongue-tied and looking foolish. Many of His teachings are disturbing and shake us out of our comfort and complacency. He spoke of loving God above all other things, caring about all other people as much as we care about ourselves, the coming kingdom of God and eternal life.

Christians believe Jesus is the Savior, the Son of God, who came to Earth to redeem us from sin, establish His spiritual kingdom of God on Earth, and to offer the promise of eternal life.


Although He is not now on Earth in bodily form, He is present with us through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is our guide and savior, the source of all our strength, who will lead us through this earthly life and into eternal life beyond. We can talk to Him in prayer. He speaks to us through the Bible and our consciences. He strengthens us with His love.   


   We invite you to discover Yeshua through the sections here to uphold the beauty of His life, the Power of His sacrifice, the joy that fills our life, and THE eternal security that is given through His love and message of the Gospel.

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