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What Is The Soul
Cleanse ?

It all happened suddenly. In a twinkling of an eye. Rabbi Felix died, left his body, and crossed over into Heaven. Amazed, he experienced the glories of Heaven that he had only read about, pondered, and dreamt about.

In these extraordinary Heavenly encounters, Rabbi Felix's eyes were opened to life-changing truths about the spiritual world that is shared exclusively here. 

Get ready to turn on its head the world of convention through keys to a life of transformation as you undergo a glorious and heavenly soul rejuvenating, cleansing, and transforming Soul Cleanse Heavens way. Through his writings, "A Rabbi's Journey to Heaven", and "Heavens Soul Cleanse", Felix shares this heavenly gift as it was given to him three days after his return from heaven after suffering a fatal heart attack.

Imagine submerging your soul in the Glory of God, and starving your soul of the natural for 30 days! For 30 days you will drown your soul in the Glory and magnification of God. You will experience Heaven's operating system as it was given to Rabbi. You will be launched into a daily living reality where you no longer live with that ceiling feeling, but an expansive open sky. 

Heaven's Soul Cleanse is 100% biblical, and 100% centered upon the magnification and enlargement of God's Glory and presence. It is guaranteed to imprint your soul and transform your mind. No longer will you be burdened by mortal pressures; no longer will you ask God repeatedly for the same thing. This new operating system will teach you to transfer ownership of your daily burdens to God, and it is 100% sustainable.

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