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December 2020


Following the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States, many would have already decried Satan's army for the Democratic victory.  But time will show that nothing will stop the Joe Biden inauguration. God is preeminent and sovereign. SEE ADDED READING. If anything proves this premise, it is how Donald Trump came to office in his first bid as he came with a Leopard's speed. (See walked like a bear, trampling all norms under his feet. Yet, God had a purpose for him to fulfill.



I must go back to March 13 2020, Erev Shabbat, to answer this question. Before the weeks leading up to March 13 when I received word from the Lord that the Coronavirus can be stopped in its tracks. A letter was sent to the White House outlining that if Donald Trump goes on National TV to invoke the Name of the Lord asking God to heal our land, the Coronavirus would be stopped following specific details as I had received them.  The most important was that Donald Trump was asked to invoke the Name of God over the COVID-19, call a national day of prayer on National TV from the Oval Office for the world to see what God was about to do. I specified that no one could stand in his place; the VP, a Pastor, an Evangelical leader, or another Politician. It needed to be him and him alone. To whom much is given much is required. 


 I admit that the bar was high. I outlined how God brought him to the land's highest office for a divine purpose. No other President in recent history has shown such deference to the Christian message and God's people, no other has surrounded himself with Christian leaders and a spiritual counsel out of the White House as he, no other has been so supportive of Israel and declared Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.


The original word was first submitted to various leaders in the United States and Israel, and all agreed with the word. Sid Roth then released the word on his show, "It's Supernatural," and the word was delivered to President Trump through leaders connected to Donald Trump's Spiritual council. Again, the letter stated that God wanted Donald Trump to invoke the Lord's name over America and call a national day of prayer. Not on Twitter, but on national TV for the whole world to see what would have been a miracle of biblical proportions.   

 Before March 13 in November of 2019, when I received the 1st word from the Lord about the Coronavirus and its impact on the earth's continents, I saw leaders being judged. At that time, I had no understanding of its implications; Church leaders, Political leaders, Etc. On March 13, I sent a second letter to the White House. That letter asked  President Trump to turn his heart of compassion to America amid all the suffering. He had accomplished much for Israel and aligned America prophetically.


God put him in the President's office, and he has surrounded himself with Christian leaders who have spoken into his life and family, so to whom much is given, much is required. He must now show God's love and compassion for the suffering through the Coronavirus. That the greatest work was yet to be done through him if he heeded the word, and his reelection would be insured. THIS WAS IGNORED EITHER BY HIM, HIS SPIRITUAL ADVISORS, OR ALL OR IN PART!


Immediately following March 13,  2020, the President took a half measure in calling for a National Day of Prayer on Twitter, rather than National TV and from the Oval Office, and had others represent him, all specifically against the word; I was grieved in my spirit. I immediately went into a seven-day fast extended into twelve days for the country for more understanding. 



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