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 Worship the LORD, you heavenly beings; honor the LORD for his glory and strength. Worship the LORD for the glory of his name. Worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.


 The voice of the LORD is everywhere, it echoes above the sea. His glory thunders from the heights and splits the highest mountain, shakes the deepest valleys. The LORD thunders over the mighty sea and its waves are at His command.


 The voice of the LORD is powerful, He is majestic in all His ways. Yet the voice of the Lord comes in a whisper, an inner command resounds deep within our being.


 His voice is heard, and His Word is as a sharp sword, cuts and divides asunder bone and marrow and can discern the heart of a man.


 His voice splits the mighty cedars, shatters the cedars of Lebanon, and makes Lebanon’s mountains skip like a calf. Even Mount Hermon leaps like a young wild ox.


 The voice of the LORD strikes with bolts of lightning and is seen by the tiniest creature. The voice of the LORD makes the barren wilderness quake, and even the Lion stops to pause and question his strength.


 The voice of the LORD  twists the mighty oaks and strips the forests bare. The voice of the Lord directs our steps, lights our path, gives wisdom in times of need, provides strength to the weary, and binds up the brokenhearted. His voice cannot be silenced, even the rocks will cry out to honor the One and Only God of Heaven.


 He rules over the floodwaters, the pestilences, the storms, the shaking and quaking of the earth in times of his fearful visitation. But day and unto day, night until night, He reigns as our King forever, and will always give his people strength.


 The LORD blesses us with peace and power on this day!


Discussion Questions:

  1. Psalm 29:3-9 Introduces us to God as El Hakavod – the God of Glory. “Kavod” translates to “glory”, “weight” and “honor”. “The voice of Adonai is upon the waters: the God of glory thundereth: Adonai is upon many waters.” How does the Psalmist describe God’s glory in this passage?

  2. Compare and contrast the attributes of Yahweh with those gods of the Greek/Norse/Native American folklore.

  3. Does Yahweh exhibit the characteristics of Sovereign Lord and King? Explain how he does.

  4. How does God guide us as human beings according to the Psalmist?

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