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In 2019, Rabbi Felix experienced a life-altering event when he suffered a heart attack and briefly passed away, during which he claims to have entered the 3rd Heaven.

Prior to this profound experience, Rabbi Felix dedicated many years of his life as a Messianic Rabbi. He served as an educator within the church, imparting knowledge about Jewish Roots and the concept of the One New Man. He also held the role of being a Nationally Appointed Missionary to the Jewish people on behalf of the Assemblies of God.


He returns from his heavenly encounter with profound transformation and a message of hope and restoration. His newfound calling is that of an Evangelist, passionately sharing the wisdom and daily insights he's gained, which he calls "Keys to Living in the Presence." His heart's mission is to ignite revival, and he tirelessly devotes himself to spreading the message of glory and transformation to as many people as possible.

Rabbi Felix claims that God has imparted a vision to him, one that involves touching the lives of 500,000 souls for the glory of God and bringing a staggering 1,000,000 individuals into the Kingdom. This vision has gained significant momentum, thanks in part to his book, "A Rabbi's Journey to Heaven," which has resonated with people worldwide.

Due to the widespread interest in God's message through Rabbi Felix, meticulous attention is paid to his schedule, please keep him in your prayers and refer to this page for updates and details.

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