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                Evangelist Rabbi Felix
In 2019, Rabbi Felix had a heart attack, was clinically dead, and went into the 3rd Heaven. Prior, Rabbi Felix as served as a Messianic Rabbi for many years, teaching in the Church on the Jewish Roots and the One New Man, and Nationally Appointed Missionary to the Jewish people for the Assemblies of God. He now brings the marks of deep transformation from Heaven and a message of hope and restoration to the call of the Evangelist.   He shares the lessons and brings "Keys to Living in Presence" daily to the body. With the heart and call off the Evangelist with a message of Revival. He pours his life out to see the Glory poured out on many today. 

   God gave him a vision of 500,000 souls for His Glory, and 1,000.000 million brought into the Kingdom. Because God has opened hearts around the world with the Message of his book, A Rabbi's Journey to Heaven, and widespread interest in God's Message, careful attention is given to his schedule, so we ask that you pray and review details on this page. 


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