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Dancing Past the Darkness: Learning Childlike Faith




Does it feel as if you are continually hitting a ceiling in your life—that power, breakthrough, and transformation are always just out of reach?

Like many believers, you are unknowingly living under a self-imposed barrier: a non-transformed mind whose very thoughts prevent you from experiencing the fullness of a glory-presence life—and give the enemy permission and power to wreak havoc in your life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

When a medical error caused a fatal heart attack, Messianic Rabbi Felix Halpern found himself facing the Throne of God before miraculously returning to life.

Drawing from his Throne Room encounter, Rabbi Halpern unearths fresh Heaven-sourced revelations that empower you to experience a glory-filled life every day.

Full of inspired teaching and real-world application, this book propels you into a glory mindset that will transform the way you think and live, equipping you to:

  • Break through your self-imposed ceiling,

  • Wield the glory authority you have over the devil and his demons,

  • Experience the exhilarating adventure of an open Heaven, and

  • Take hold of everything that is available to you in the glory-filled life.

Stop defaulting to defeat and learn how to triumphantly Dance Past the Darkness of a mediocre, powerless, and status quo spiritual experience. Let the glory of God engulf your mind, transform your life, and usher you into greater levels of power, breakthrough, and transformation.

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