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   Felix Halpern was born in 1952 in the Netherlands. As a child, his family immigrated to the United States, where he was raised in the Northern New Jersey area. Before full-time ministry, he established a lucrative career in the precious metals and diamond industries in the International Diamond Center of New. In obedience to the Lord’s call and restoration, Felix immediately resigned his position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a multimillion-dollar international company. He embarked upon a life of faith and complete dependency on the Lord’s provision. With over a decade of God’s sufficiency and provision, their lives testify to the wonderful faithfulness of God, as well as the Lord’s restoration of his Jewish heritage that characterizes his life and family today. 

                   Ministry Today 

 Today, Felix Halpern ministers internationally with a message of restoration between Jew and Gentile and a strong burden to bring the Father’s Love to the nations. They established Metro Jewish Resources and have served as Congregational Leaders of Messianic Congregation that they formed for over 20 years.  Throughout, Bonnie and Felix have had a passion for the Presence of God, the power of the Holy Spirit and have been products of revival in their life.  


In September of 2019, Felix had a life and death encounter due to a doctor's error on prescription medication and suffered a fatal heart attack when God restored his life. But before, he would visit heaven and see things that we have always pondered and dreamt about. He would also see the lower realm and walk above the lower airways, the 2nd heaven where demons dwell. His life is now poured out for God and His people to see the presence and glory rest on His children throughout their life.      

Bonnie Halpern 

Bonnie Halpern, his wife, was born in 1956 in Brooklyn in a traditional Jewish home. Bonnie searched for God throughout her adolescent years and had many supernatural encounters with her Messiah. Her faith journey is the basis of a powerful testimony today, as she ministers in and out of the body, sharing her testimony to Jew and gentile alike. A dedicated and successful mother of two young women, Bonnie also coaches women in household disciplines, finances, organizational skills, parenting, and nutrition. Bonnie is a highly gifted speaker that brings to the body of Messiah a firm calling to release women into a Deborah anointing. She also ministers and teaches as a Nutritional Consultant, educating and training the body on the “Keys to Physical and Spiritual Health.” Bonnie continually demonstrates her passion for maintaining the physical health of the body, as well as teaching practical and easy methods for helping believers maintain their “temples.” She often operates in Words of Knowledge and flows in the Gifts of the Spirit.

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