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I have been asked y some individuals how many of the select portions of the Psalms should one read at one time? Are the Psalms to be read in their entirety at every session? 

   Concerning the Soul Cleanse, slower is faster. Less is more. The slower we go, the quicker the transformation takes hold. The less we read, the more of the benefit is received earlier. Of course, much of this depends upon the individual. But if the plan is followed faithfully for 30 days, transformation begins well before the month is over.


  I also recognize that Heavens Soul Cleanse is unconventional, turning our traditional prayer models on its head. However, it is a new means to reconstitute our lives given by the Lord following my time in Heaven. It is entirely Biblical and God-centered. 


1. The Psalms should be read as your prayers; the Psalmist's words become your words. Let them penetrate your soul as a student following the master. 

2. Whatever time you're customary devotion times is how much time you spend with the Lord in the Soul Cleanse.

3. If you catch yourself reading them and not praying them, STOP pause, take a deep breath, and then begin to pray them.

4. The slower you go, the better. Take time to visualize yourself with the Psalmist. Quantity and speed are counter-intuitive to the cleansing process. Remain steady. As you begin to settle into your seated posture, feel the presence of the Lord and push away all distractions. It's good to call to mind your holy intention for sitting with the Lord this morning.

5. No matter what comes, continue to sit like a mountain, waiting for God. Let thoughts, sensations, drift away. Focus on your words. Remember that the Psalmist's words will become your words and meditations. Soon you will step into your mediations as  His handprint you discover it daily.

6. On a personal note: I was on the Soul Cleanse for two years, meditating and enjoying these prayers. I know this was an individual assignment from the Lord, but stay faithful for the first 30 days. Likely you will continue as your soul is transformed and the presence of God is present daily.

7. In the process, you will likely confront unpleasant and defeatist thoughts. Things from the past may emerge. Recognize what's going on. Feel whatever is coming up, and just let it be, give it to the Lord, and let the Soul Cleanse continue its work. Understand what and who is calling your attention during such times. It is not the Devil, a demon, or a demonic spirit. It is God reaching down into your soul to allow you to recognize them, so you can then deal with them.  

8. Lastly, invite this relaxation and time with the Lord. Remember, this is an invitation from the Lord where you can offer your whole self and come into a cleansing stream.

9. Should you take on this mission, the Psalmist's words will penetrate your soul and saturate your mind. The Spirit of God will give you a new vocabulary. You will become, as the Psalmist states in 45:2, "I address my verses to the King, my tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe."  


A.No other reading for the day; allow the Psalms to marinate in your soul.

B. No intercession, praise, or petitions (see further explanation in Heavens Soul Cleanse or A Rabbi's Journey to Heaven)

3. The Soul Cleanse period fasting for 30 days is needed, so our soul's transactional prayed culture is broken.