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                About Rabbi Felix

In 2019, Rabbi Felix experienced a heart attack, underwent clinical death, and entered the 3rd Heaven. From this profound encounter, he imparts daily lessons and shares "Keys to Living in Presence" with the community. With an Evangelist's heart and a message of Revival, Rabbi Felix dedicates his life to witnessing the outpouring of Glory on many.

 Having served as a Messianic Rabbi for numerous years, teaching on the Jewish Roots and the One New Man within the Church, he now carries deep transformation marks from Heaven, delivering a message of hope and restoration.

Returning Kingdom Normalcy to the core of his calling, Rabbi Felix operates with a prophetic anointing, a fervor for the Holy Spirit's infilling, and the power of God's favor that brings healing, salvations, and signs and wonders. The invitation extends to the lost and desperate for a transformative experience.

God bestowed upon him a vision of 500,000 souls glorifying Him and 1,000,000 individuals entering the Kingdom. With global hearts opening to the message in his book, "A Rabbi's Journey to Heaven," and widespread interest in God's Word, meticulous attention is given to his schedule, prompting prayers and a review of details on this page.

Rabbi Felix accompanies ministry workers during travels to ensure diligent and respectful execution of services in the hosting Church. Since his life-altering experience, numerous commitments have emerged, making it necessary to select invitations due to time constraints carefully. All invitations undergo prayerful consideration, evaluating their potential impact on the Kingdom.

Lodging, Meals, and Travel:

The church/organization will cover accommodation, meals, round-trip airfare, and rental car expenses. Chofesh Ministries will handle travel and meals arrangements, providing receipts for reimbursement. Payment for these expenses is expected after the conclusion of the event.

Additional Considerations:

Rabbi Felix requests permission to sell his books and asks for a covered six-foot table with two chairs for this purpose. Typically accompanied by his wife or a ministry worker, appropriate arrangements for meals, transportation, and accommodation are appreciated. When planning the event, allocate time for Q&A and moments for Rabbi Felix to lead in prayer, as transformative experiences have been witnessed during ministry times.

Chofesh (Freedom) Ministries

We have a straightforward mission: Share the incomprehensible love of God to a broken people yearning to know that He is real, that Heaven and Hell are real, and God sent His only Son to die for us so we can experience  a life filled with joy, power, and abundance. Chofesh Ministries comes with a message of revival, hope, and a call to return to Him. Rabbi Felix shares about the God he saw upon the throne,  and to see lives transformed

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