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"I reiterate that when two individuals come into alignment on Earth, in accordance with God's Word, and make requests, their petitions will be fulfilled by My Father in heaven. Whenever two or three gather in My name, I am present among them." (Matthew 18:19)

A prayer of agreement finds its foundation in the teachings of God's Word.


Whether the request pertains to salvation, healing, financial matters, or deliverance, God's Word offers guidance for every facet of life. We unite our voices to proclaim His solutions as outlined in His Word. As stated in Matthew 18:19, we confidently lift each other up, trusting that He will fulfill our collective requests. In those verses, Jesus emphasizes, "I tell you, when two people on Earth come into agreement concerning anything they ask, it will be granted by My Father in heaven."


Prayer serves as the conduit through which we receive God's supernatural assistance. Without this supernatural help, we cannot fully embody the teachings of the Gospel of our Lord. Every aspect that sets us apart as followers of Jesus operates through the potency of prayer and the supernatural grace bestowed upon us. This divine grace and power flow into our lives through our prayers


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