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Amidst the recent election and the ongoing one, it's evident that the body is grappling with division and perhaps feeling unsettled about the outcome, both past and present. However, in this state, we hinder each other's ability to rise to higher ground and work towards unity. Scripture reminds us: "He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars" (Daniel 2:21).

In the context of Joe Biden's presidency, this verse underscores the sovereignty of the God we serve. Sovereignty implies that God is in complete control and holds ultimate authority to act as He sees fit.Another perspective is that everything unfolds according to God's will. He orchestrates world events to fulfill His purposes on Earth.


Thus, from a political standpoint, whoever occupies the White House every four years does so because it aligns with God's plan. This is for the good or for correction, or setting stage for prophetic alignment to take place. In other words. I see God in control of everything. 

It's crucial to remember, as Daniel emphasizes, that God is the one who appoints and removes presidents. We cannot selectively attribute sovereignty to God based on our preferences in leadership. Either God is sovereign all the time, or He is not sovereign at all.

Consider our Brief History

When Clinton became president: God was sovereign

When Bush became president: God was sovereign

When Obama became president...God was sovereign

When Trump became president: God was sovereign

When Biden became president-elect: God was sovereign

Whoever is president in 2025, God is sovereign.

If you find yourself struggling with the latest outcome, remember that our acceptance cannot be conditional based on whether we agree with it or not, if we truly believe that God is sovereign. We cannot have it both ways! The alternative is unsettling to contemplate. Imagine how shaky our foundation in Him would become!

As a unified body, especially in this current season, we need to reach a point where we trust in God's plan, even when we don't fully comprehend it. This mindset reduces emotional turmoil and fosters peace of mind, because ultimately, God is in control regardless of who holds earthly positions of power. By keeping our focus on the One who reigns on the heavenly throne, we are better equipped to navigate the challenges posed by earthly rulers. Election outcomes should not be viewed solely in terms of victory or defeat, but rather in the context of our Heavenly Father's purpose for us as individuals, as a collective body, and as a nation.


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