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September "I could see where it would be hard for writer to put into words what he saw but he does have a message from heaven. It is a book I will have to read over and over because he shares so much. As a spirit filled Christian for over 36 years it has helped me reclaim my position Christ wants me to have!"


I’ve read probably a dozen or more books on near death experiences and heaven and I find that this author dives deeper than most. He uses his experience as a springboard to go deeper into questions on God and how we can live better spiritual lives. He writes in a conversational tone that some may need to get used to, but it personally doesn’t bother me. I’m way more interested in the content than semantics. I just started the 30 day Glory Transformation today so I can’t review that yet but I am excited to see what transpires.


Relatable true experience through death to Heaven and back. Excellent transformative study included of Psalms emphasizing the Glory of God.


The benefits that we personally received from the book, especially the soul cleanse, has given us a new revelation of the reality of heaven and the importance of knowing God and who He is. The soul cleanse has raised the level of pursuit and passion in our lives for the purposes of God to the exclusion of all else. At the same time, our perspective of the earthly realm is changing; the earthly realm is becoming less attractive and the magnificence and glory of heaven are becoming more attractive with each passing day.

Amazing Book. Thanks to the Dear Rabbi for sharing his experiences with us. Now on day 8 and looking forward to 22 more wonderful days on the journey. Bless this author.


This book is a faith building and inspiring true account of the Rabbi's heavenly expirience. Wonderful reading.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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