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               Experience into the 3rd Heaven


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THERE HAVE BEEN numerous books written and testimonies given of individuals experiencing heaven and returning to speak about it. Individuals portray a glory filled the place of extraordinary beauty, a divine masterpiece of perfection! From the natural mind, it is incomprehensible—something only possible by our divine Creator, God.  Many have also visited the regions of the dark realm and seen demons and hell itself. I want to share my experience with them, as well. But if I could lay my eyes upon Heaven, look into the future a bit, I would see that my visit would be brief, and I would like to remain a bit longer. Well, a lot longer! 

   You see, it all happened on one brisk September morning that changed everything. A quiet moment in time that would leave me confronted with my final resting place and spiritual homecoming.  I would visit heaven and see things that I have always read about, pondered, and dreamt about. I would also see the lower realm and walk above the lower airways, the 2nd heaven where demons dwell. I will share what I have learned from both.

   The changes from my journey to heaven would encompass not one month but twelve months and counting. It presents an individual call to action to every inquiring heart that joins in the telling of my journey. An opportunity is presented to take these keys in hand. Certainly, as earthlings, time slips by day upon day, week upon week. It is easy to forget that there is another world that we are destined for. A place of un-natural wonder, where vast miracles are a part of everyday life. Mountains so beautiful and majestic that their heights cannot be fathomed, and where angels blow their trumpets from these mountain tops as God directs them.  

   In this soon to be released book, I share keys to unlock what I received from my brief immortality following cardiac arrest. From the transformative effects of heaven that changed my everyday life, I had received a  gift over the first 30-days  that I offer to you. Months would follow that the envelope between the earthly realm and heaven would remain open and visit the 3rd heaven numerous times.  

    I’m overjoyed to be able to share this gift: 30 Days in His Glory Meditation and Devotional, at the close of the book. I want to tell you that this gift is a secret that’s been hiding right under our noses for years of our faith and our current models of prayer. I’ve discovered a miracle ingredient that we are supposed to do even when everything’s going according to plan. It miraculously targets one important area, the soul.  Add it to your morning prayer time, and make sure to do it at least once per day, especially if you feel overwhelmed and pressed by the events of our days. All you need to do is to learn everything about this “gift” here! You will receive it, as I have.  


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