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    Experience the 3rd Heaven


Numerous books and testimonies have been penned by individuals who've had glimpses of heaven and returned to share their experiences. They describe it as a place filled with unparalleled beauty, a divine masterpiece of perfection—an existence beyond the grasp of the natural mind, achievable only by our divine Creator, God. Many have also ventured into the realms of darkness, encountering demons and even hell itself. In this account, I aim to share my own experiences with both realms. If I could peer into Heaven's splendor and glimpse the future, I'd see that my visit would be fleeting, leaving me with a deep desire to prolong it—a lot longer, in fact.

It all unfolded on a crisp September morning, a moment in time that would alter everything. This was the day I confronted my ultimate destination and spiritual homecoming. During my journey, I ventured into Heaven, witnessing things I had read about, pondered, and dreamt of for so long. I also explored the lower realm, traversing the upper airways of the second heaven, where demons dwell. I will share the insights I gained from both these experiences.

The transformations resulting from my journey to heaven extended not for just one month but continued for twelve months and counting. It issues a personal call to action to every curious heart that joins in the telling of my journey. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, time slips away, and it's easy to forget that we are destined for another world—a place of unnatural wonder where incredible miracles are an everyday occurrence. Here, mountains stand so majestic and beautiful that their heights defy comprehension, and angels trumpet God's directives from their summits.

In this forthcoming book, I unveil the keys to unlock the revelations I received during my brief sojourn in the afterlife following a cardiac arrest. From the life-altering effects of my heavenly encounter, I offer you a gift I received in the initial 30 days—a gift that bridges the earthly realm and heaven. Over the ensuing months, I revisited the third heaven multiple times.

I am delighted to share this gift with you: the "30 Days in His Glory Meditation and Devotional," which you'll find at the end of this book. This gift reveals a secret that has remained hidden in plain sight within the fabric of our faith and our established patterns of prayer. It introduces a miraculous element that we should incorporate into our daily routine, particularly when life's challenges weigh us down. This practice focuses on a crucial aspect—the soul. Incorporate it into your morning prayers and make it a part of your daily routine, especially during times of overwhelming events. You will receive it just as I have.

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