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The Lord placed before me a highway to Heaven that was like a ladder from heaven to earth and said come up. I was brought into the 3rd Heaven in my spirit. It felt like my entire body and soul were immersed in one reality above the earth. A voice said, "I want to show you what I am about to do."


 I was at the foot of a large mountain in the heavenly realm, and Glory shined about while a mighty angel standing on top of the mountain was holding a silver trumpet. The voice said, “The angel has been given the command to sound the trumpet to release a season of fear, trembling, quaking, and panic. It was like earthquakes occurring simultaneously across the continents of the earth. I was so shaken that I had to leave because I could take any more. I asked the Lord If can return. 

The next morning at 3 AM, I was again at the foot of the mountain, and I saw a great sea with a blanket coming down and covering the sea. Then a hand came forth and suddenly lifted one corner of the blanket that caused the sea to be turned, as the waters churned bringing worldwide confusion. At that moment, an enormous fishing net came down upon the sea, and it became full of fish, multitudes of fish.  The voice said: “A time is at end for a predetermined harvest, but know more harvest will come at my choosing before the end.”

Convulsions and intensifications will continue till the end of this season.


I also sensed this would bring a time of judgment upon leaders. Church Leaders as well as Political leaders. God said that I am calling for a time of fear and panic. Quaking hearts of terror will rise throughout the earth, and like an earthquake in power and effect upon earth's continents, all will be shaken. America will be hit particularly hard.  

As many will awaken and stand up and look to Heaven, many will suffer. The Lord said; Tell my people to go into a time of hiding for a little while. "Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by," Isaiah 26:20. It would turn out to be the Norovirus that would release a spirit of fear, terror, and confusion.  


The next morning at 3 AM, I was again in the Spirit. President Trump and Our Country: (SEE MORE)

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