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IMAGE OF A BEAST: Donald Trump 2020 and 2024





March of 2020:


In the weeks following into April, I had a vision at 3 AM. It was a vision of a beast (not the anti-Christ). The beast had a blue body like a horse but ran with the speed of a leopard. It rose to power swiftly and out of unfamiliar places, but it proceeded like a bear and trampled on everything in its path. Its character was like iron and clay; strong-fisted, unbendable, but its character was brittle and of lower quality. The horse-like body had many riders holding up standards with different agendas. At times the horse grew weak because of the many riders. They used the beast for their own agenda. But their agenda was not mine, says the LORD; I raised Him said the LORD. 

   The beast had only one eye, so he could not see around him, and had little discernment and intelligence to distinguish what the riders wanted. His heart also had many chambers because it was divided. His mind was like a ship upon unsteady waters constantly confused, tossed to and fro. But because I sent him, the beast accomplished heaven's purpose for a season and failed in the second season.   


   I have seen the intoxication for power and prestige upon the beast riders; their ears and eyes have been closed to the suffering and the poor and needy in their midst. I have seen their refusal to receive the heavenly care package that I delivered to the front door of my house. They did not bind up the broken and suffering. Yet I saw their tedious work and sleepless hours overturning laws and courts. But they turned a deaf ear, and a blind eye as the suffering grew louder.

    So I saw tears flow down from a mountain that gathered with other streams flowing from different directions, emptying into a sea of tears. I saw the bride and government of the man ignore their responsibility, and they did not act. So, I have taken the scepter away from the beast; I have unseated thrones because my servants have been intoxicated with fame, power, and their own agenda.  What they thought was from me, was not. What they wanted was not of me. They tried to steer the beast in their direction.   As the beast is no more, for as I have sent him, I removed him. 

God spoke these words almost audibly. As Trump will lose the election, he will return in 2024 but lose. Many will try and resurrect the horse to ride him again but there season is no more, and many of the prophets will make the same mistake they made in 2020. 

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